Check Out The Gorgeous Montana Ranch Where Scarlett Johansson Secretly Tied The Knot


Scarlett Johansson and Romain Dauric got married at The Ranch at Rock Creek in Philipsburg, Montana on October 1, but somehow the newlyweds managed to keep it under wraps for the last two months! Yesterday the New York Post reported that the duo had tied the knot in a hush hush ceremony, and today a clerk for the Granite County Courthouse confirmed that the two had in fact exchanged vows.

The ranch has both tent and traditional cabins, and though the latter seem to have state-of-the-art appliances and posh (yet traditional) decor, the canvas-covered suites are still pretty fancy. I mean, some of them have claw-foot bathtubs and stoves inside -- not exactly roughing it! The Granite Lodge (which is where we're guessing the starlet had her reception) has nine rooms, and the dining room and Silver Dollar Saloon are also located there, along with a spa and a gift store.

So what does it cost to have a wedding at The Ranch? We have to be honest: We have no idea, but we CAN tell you that it probably cost ScarJo and her beau a pretty penny, because the cheapest tent cabin rooms are $850 per person per night -- in the off season! Family tent cabins run up to $1200 per person per night, and the private cabins and log homes range from $2,100 to $7,200 per night. The rooms at the Lodge itself are just under $1,000 per person per night during peak season, so if ScarJo had the place booked with her all of her guests -- you do the math.

Kate Bosworth got married at the venue last year, and from holiday retreats to glamping, the ranch has something for everyone. Check out the photos of the place in the gallery below ... you won't be disappointed!


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