Oprah Winfrey Redecorates Lavish Santa Barbara Estate


Oprah Winfrey is giving her massive Santa Barbara estate a major makeunder.

The 59-year-old mogul recently opened up to O Magazine about her decision to redecorate. Lady O tells the mag:

"I knew my house was impressive. I mean, just about every guest I ever invited for dinner told me so as they perched on the edge of the opulent sofa, trying not to get fingerprints on anything. I owned a stately home and I poured my heart and soul into making it perfect."

Designer Rose Tarlow helped Winfrey redecorate her dwelling. Oprah adds:

"The gilded mirrors, marble urns, the lavish carpets and sherbet palette – it was all very grand, but it wasn't very true to myself … Maya Angelou once told me you can become either an old female or a wise woman. All I can tell you is that I'm evolving, my taste is, too, and someday soon this room will represent the person I've become."

Wonder if she'll be having a garage sale?


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Posted by: Mary

I love it!