Celebrity Halloween Hotspot: Greystone Manor


Greystone Manor has been open for exactly a year now (which in Hollywood is an eternity!), but it's still bringing in the big names when it comes to celebrity patrons. Case in point: Rihanna is hosting a huge Halloween bash at SBE's supperclub on Wednesday!

Greystone Manor, which was once the legendary Area nightclub, is situated in the heart of West Hollywood on La Cienega, and it is decorated with a neo-Renaissance and neo-Gothic theme, paying homage to the nostalgic era of old Hollywood glamour and decadence.

According to the SBE website, "The energy of the space is ignited by state-of-the-art sound and lighting systems and is further enhanced with the legion of sensual nymph-like performers and aerialists. With its pairing of dining and entertainment, Greystone Manor delivers a captivating re-imagination of nightlife for a discerning and stylish clientele."

In case you can't make it to RiRi's bash this week, check out photos from inside the club in the gallery below!


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