Construction On Naomi Campbell's Futuristic Moscow Mansion Is Nearly Complete


Naomi Campbell's spaceship-inspired Moscow mansion is almost done being built, and architect Zaha Hadid has released a few photos and renderings of the massive 28,500-square-foot home.

Campbell and her billionaire boyfriend, Vladislav Doronin hired Hadid to build the home, which features a 65-foot-tall tower and stunning views of the Barvikha forest where pine and birch trees grow up to 20 meters high. According to the designer's website, "The form for the villa comes from the natural topography – a building that emerges from the landscape, while remaining partially embedded in the hillside."

The home has four levels: The lower level is envisioned as leisure space and includes a living room, massage and fitness areas as well as a sauna and hamman baths. One level up is the main living room, dining space, kitchen, entertainment and indoor swimming room and parking spaces are located on the ground floor.

The main entrance lobby, study/library, guest room and children’s room are on the first floor while the master bedrooms and a lounge with an exterior terrace occupy the upper level. No word on when the supermodel will move in...


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That sound you hear is Frank Lloyd Wright rolling over in his grave.