Molly Sims Invites Us Inside Her Beverly Hills Home

molly-sims-710.jpgDomaine Home

Molly Sims and hubby Scott Stuber's Beverly Hills house is featured in the latest issue of Domaine Home, and the former model shows off her decorating skills, but we have to give their interior designer Kishani Perera a little bit of credit too!

Perera was introduced to Stuber in 2010, but apparently the producer already had plans to shack up with his lady love. “We designed it with the idea that maybe she might move in one day,” Perera admits with a laugh. Sims says that as her relationship with Stuber progressed, so did her vision for the house. “In the beginning it was like: make it really masculine! And then halfway through: maybe not so masculine!”

“The whole house was beige, except for a red leather-paneled bathroom that looked like somewhere people do cocaine,” jokes Sims of the starting point. After making some changes to improve the flow of the house, Sims said, “There’s an easiness to it. I wanted it to feel young and modern, but also lived-in and like you can have fun here.”

Check out the gallery below for more photos!


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