Moby Sells Renovated Bond Street Penthouse For $5.8 Million


Who knew that Moby had interior design and architecture talents?

The DJ/musician snatched up this Bond Street penthouse for $3.75 million before totally renovating the place and placing it back on the market this past spring for $6.5 million. The apartment just sold to an LLC for the slightly lower price of $5.8 million!

The music man upped the value of the property by tearing out walls to make a 73-foot master main room with skylights and 19-foot ceilings. Before all the work, it looked like the below picture. What an upgrade!

The "Play" crooner is quite the real estate maven... who would have guessed? Just a couple years back, he sold his Upper West Side place for an undisclosed amount. He has admitted in the past, however, that he has been somewhat unlucky in profiting off renovations, and it looks as if this Bond Street residence is adding to his poor track record!



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