MIley Cyrus Erects $25K Teepee In The Backyard Of Her Studio City Home


Miley has a new home -- sort of! The hard-partying Miley Cyrus has some new digs of sorts. In celebration of her 21st year on this planet, Miley has erected a giant teepee in the backyard of her Studio City home. In our exclusive pics, Miley's new abode is shown situated next to her luxurious pool, outdoor seating area and fake white horse. Yep, that's what we said -- fake white horse.

The luxe teepee, which sleeps up to four people, reportedly costs $25,000. Wowsers - that's one pricey teepee!

Miley's teepee is a cone-shaped structure with distinctly Native American-inspired triangle pattern on the bottom of it, and red striped pattern through the center. The temporary structure's opening faces Miley's rectangle pool -- we think the whole thing is pretty home actually.

Perhaps the "Wrecking Ball" feels safer within the confines of her canvas cave after burglars broke into her home on Friday and stole over $100K in jewelry and high-end bags.

Maybe friends crashed there after Miley's epic 21st birthday bash at Beacher's Madhouse at the Roosevelt Hotel, following the American Music Awards on Sunday night. The party raged on through out the night and had a mini Miley, plenty of dancing plush pandas, a legion of twerking ladies and Miley-inspired cocktails. Sounds like our kind of party!

Attendees at the star-studded bash included Kelly Osbourne, rapper Wiz Khalifa, his wife Amber Rose and Miley's dad Billy Ray Cyrus.

After the raucous soiree, Miley tweeted, "Best birthday night ever. im depressed my birthday is over."

We have a feeling Miley won't have a hard time find another reason to party in the very near future. Maybe a new Subway restaurant (or a paper bag) will be opened this week -- and she can celebrate that!


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Posted by: Anonymous

that's terrifying that you have actual photos above her house...

Posted by: iwant

Now you know where she smokes all her pot.