Michelle Williams And Jason Segel's Brooklyn Love Nest Suffers Major Damage From Hurricane Sandy

segelewilliamsflood-355.jpgJason Segel and Michelle William's Brooklyn love nest has been devastated by Hurricane Sandy. The couple moved in just a couple months ago, but it looks like they're going to have to relocate soon!

The Oscar nominee and her beau moved into this sprawling loft after vacating their former Brooklyn brownstone, but the natural disaster flooded the entire space and forced all residents to evacuate.

Good thing she kept her former residence as a backup -- the blonde beauty bought the brownstone for $3.6 milion in 2005, and it's now believed to be valued at $4.2 million.

"The sandbags that some homes and businesses had placed around basements and in front of doors were no more effective than a pebble in stopping the water from rushing in. Enormous trees were uprooted. Cars that had begun to float last night were left abandoned in intersections. Power lines were down everywhere, but did not pose an immediate theat: the power was out and is likely to remain so for days to come," local media report.


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