Leonardo DiCaprio Plans To Open Eco-Friendly Resort On His Private Island In Belize


Add this place to our bucket list!

Leonardo DiCaprio has announced that he plans to open an eco-friendly resort on his private island named Blackadore Caye in Belize, which he bought in 2005 for $1.75 million. The 104-acre oasis will be turned into a luxury destination with villas over the water, artificial reefs, and a place to grow marine grass for manatees. It is expected to open in 2018.

"The main focus is to do something that will change the world. I couldn't have gone to Belize and built on an island and done something like this, if it weren't for the idea that it could be groundbreaking in the environmental movement," the A-list actor told The New York Times.

The Wolf of Wall Street star had originally struck a deal to build with the Four Seasons, but that fizzled, so he is now developing the concept with Delos and principal architect Jason F. McLennan. There will be 68 villas and 48 private houses for sale, which will cost between $5 and $15 million.

The Hollywood hunk has enlisted spiritual guru Deepak Chopra to develop a health and wellness program for the sanctuary.

This sounds like a compound to house all his model girlfriends! We kid… good for you Leo, keep saving our planet one swanky idea at a time!


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