Katie Holmes Buys A $24,000 Playhouse For Suri For Christmas


Can you say spoiled?

Katie Holmes has reportedly shelled out $24,000 for Sweet Retreat Kids' Grand Victorian Luxury Playhouse, which features hardwood floors, an eat-in kitchen, running water and picket fences.

According to the site, the "average ceiling height is 8', so adults can easily join in the fun. As a matter of fact, many of these mini-mansions are actually built for adults to be used as studios, reading rooms, or simply a beautiful garden structure." That's quite a pricey reading room!

And according to The Sun, Suri's gifts don't stop there! She is also going to be getting an iPad mini, a Chloe fur coat and a $10,000 mini Mercedes-Benz. But out only question is … where is this playhouse going to go? At Tom Cruise's Beverly Hills mansion? It's certainly not going to fit anywhere in New York City...


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