Perfect Color Palettes For 2013


Are you planning to repaint your home or office next year? If so, Pantone has released the 2013 color palettes for interior decor.

From new rainbow inspired colors to bold styles ... looks like there's a shade for everyone.

The Connoisseur collection, according to Pantone, draws from cool neutrals like alyssum white and beechnut green, contrasted with warmer tones of violets and orchids, liquid pink, and deep mahogany. We love how these gorgeous colors are set against accents of champagne beige and silver. Old-world elegance, indeed!


For a kitchen, check out the Extracts collection which combines fresh pops of color with a touch of spice. Color hues included spiced coral, brandied melon, green banana, apple cinnamon, dusty pink and baked clay.


Sounds like some delicious color combos!


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