Macaulay Culkin Debuts New Art Collective And Their Celeb-Inspired Paintings


Macaulay Culkin and his pals are introducing their art collective, named Three Men and a Baby, or 3MB, with this video and an upcoming showing of their work.

In Culkin's living room, the "Three Men" laid out drop clothes and huge canvases, converting his home into a studio. Along with Adam Green and Toby Goodshank, formerly of the band The Moldy Peaches, Culkin has been working since February on paintings that jab at pop culture through collage and mixed-media in an intentionally "low brow" way.

Mack describes it:

    "You go to the Met or something like that, and you see some of the paintings from the Renaissance era. A lot of those were probably the most technically proficient paintings in the entire museum. However, when you go to the Modern wing, they might not be as technically proficient, might not have as much skill--but those are the kind of things you want on your wall. Well, what do we want to put on our wall? It's not necessarily about technique, it's more about the ideas. It's more about just what you want to look at."

The group's show, Leisure Inferno include a painting of the "Cast of Seinfeld," in which Jerry and the gang are posing nude as models for the artists, He-Man and Orko from Masters of the Universe. Uhh ... yeah ...

The idea for 3MB didn't just come out of thin air, the trio first collaborated on the feature-length film The Wrong Ferrari, shot entirely on an iPhone. That's when the idea for 3MB was born.

So will celebs snatch up the group's pieces for their Hollywood Hills homes and New York studio lofts? That remains to be seen ... but Culkin and his pals will be hocking their wares at Le Poisson Rouge in Greenwich Village from Sept. 13 - Dec. 15.


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Posted by: Cancer

He sucks as a painter, and if this is all he has done in 8 months then he is lazy too... oh wait, is has to be good cause he is a "STAR" ...

as far as the work itself? it is terrible.. looks sloppy and mindless... hardly worth even looking at!

but keep telling him he is good... someday he will believe it!


Posted by: Jo

Almost Van Goghist, but not. Just sloppy and almost copycattish. Lame. Go back to acting or whatever it was we remember u for. Art ain't it, boys!

Posted by: laks

I love the way these two frigging losers are hitching their untalented selves to Culkin and he's falling for it. I just saw a blog where the writer said that this "art" isn't even good enough to hand on grandma's refrigerator.

Posted by: Mimi

Many may draw or paint and enjoy it personally, but there are few who draw and paint and have observers enjoy their work and consider it good. This is not good in my opinion and those who have told this young man that he is talented surely must be referring to his dramatic ability, not his artistic efforts in paint. This is pitiful and the animals playing cards is not even an original idea.