Check Out David Copperfield's $40k A Night Caribbean Resort


This place is pure magic!

David Copperfield owns this exclusive Caribbean resort made up of 11 islands in the Bahamas, and if your rich enough you can rent it out for a whopping $40K a night!

The famous magician bought the 150-acre island of Musha Cay and its surrounding chain for $50 million in 2006 before spending another $41 million renovating it into his dream oasis, complete with a staff of 30, a giant drive in movie theater on Coconut beach, a Houdini room filled with memorabilia, and furniture flown in from all over the world. The whole place is now estimated to be valued at $100 million! Wowzas!

Parties pay $40K a night for up to 12 guests, with each additional guest paying $900 a head, but the perk is that it's all inclusive.

You can even pay for a fireworks display or a intricate island treasure hunt!

"The island experience is the creation of every great place I’ve ever been combined with the imagination that I have in my theatre work," Copperfield recently told Forbes.

Celebrities such as Oprah and Bill Gates have been guests.

It's like a tropical Disneyland!


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